Project “Digitisation and automation of production processes at Printpack Ltd”

PrintPack Service invests in digitisation and automation of processes in the European Union
Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Plan 2.2. Reforms and investment in the “Digital Enterprise
Transformation and Innovation” under investment “Financial instruments to support the digital transformation of businesses
Project “Digitisation and automation of production processes at PrintPack Service Ltd”

The level of automation and digitalisation in the existing production processes of PrintPack Service Ltd. is assessed as medium-low. The company uses manual/manually controlled labour for some of its processes, which can be replaced by automated equipment to improve the company’s overall work processes. The project will significantly automate and digitise the production process of plastic parts and cardboard boxes at PrintPack Service Ltd, reducing manual work, improving safety conditions and increasing the quality and volume of the products produced. The purchase and implementation of this equipment will help the company to achieve its objectives.

Digital transformation needs have been identified in several areas and processes, but the priorities are: replacing and improving/upgrading manually operated/deployable production equipment, significantly increasing productivity, quality, speed and reducing defects.

To achieve the objective, the trader intends to: purchase new machinery for the production of plastic parts and modernise the production process for cardboard boxes.

The project aims to move from traditional manual labour to automation through digitalisation solutions, including to increase its product portfolio and turnover, and to reduce traditional manual labour.

As a result, investing in digital transformation will make your business more sustainable, more competitive and more export-oriented.

Total project cost: 312 979,56 EUR (incl. VAT)

European Union funding: 100 000,00 EUR (excluding VAT)

Estimated capital allowance: EUR 91 900,00

Project duration: 09.2023-05.2025

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