Pantone offset colour mixing

PrintPack Service Ltd. offers offset colour mixing according to Pantone recipes for printers. The Pantone colour matching system is a standardised colour reproduction system that allows print manufacturers and customers around the world to match colours without exchanging swatches. PrintPack Service Ltd. mixes inks using the most advanced technologies and the highest quality ink components from Flint Group (Germany), allowing our customers to print with high precision.

PrintPack Service Ltd. mixes colours based on:

  • Pre-developed special colour recipes (branded shades),
  • Shade recipes for a specific paper/card
  • Pantone colour palettes
  • CIELAB coordinates
  • From a sample provided by client

Sharpening knives for paper cutting machines

PrintPack Service Ltd specialises in sharpening and finishing of paper cutting (guillotine) knives. We work on equipment from Gustav Göckel (Germany) designed for this purpose. For sharpening both High Speed Steel (HSS) and Tungsten Carbide (TC) knives. When you sharpen your knives with us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the cut – it will be the best after every sharpening.

We also offer new knives from FASSCO (Germany), KAMADUR (Netherlands) and knife trays (marzans).

Repro services and CTP plates

Small and medium-sized printers no longer need to maintain their own prepress department and equipment, as it is more cost-effective to order ready-made offset plates. We work with the Fuji LuxSetter violet computer to plate output system, considered to be the best violet plate system in the world, and offer finished plates from A3 to B1.

Benefits of ordering your plates from us:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Confidentiality
  • Many different sizes of plates

Collection of hazardous liquids

To protect the environment, typography companies must not flush all liquid waste down the city drains, because much of it is classified as hazardous to the environment. PrintPack Service Ltd has obtained a permit for category B polluting activities and can offer waste collection and disposal according to the following codes from the Waste Classifier:

  • 080312 – Waste printing ink containing dangerous substances
  • 140603 – Other solvents and solvent mixtures

Plastic cutting

Cutting of plastics:

  • Foamed PVC: – 0.25 EUR/t.m.
  • Organic glass: – 0.50 EUR/t.m.
  • Composite panels: – 0.75 EUR/t.m.
  • Angle cutting : – 0.50 EUR/t.m.

Milling works

Plastic milling, Aluminium milling, Composite milling, Straight edge milling, Cutting of shaped parts, Cutting of paper, Cutting of corrugated cardboard, Cutting of PVC, Cutting of trafalets with knife, Cutting of rubber, Cutting of cardboard, Cutting of corrugated cardboard, Cutting of plastic, Cutting of milling of aluminium, Cutting of milling of composite material, Cutting of “PET” shapes with knife, Cutting of paper, Cutting of film.

Cutting and milling of materials after UV printing with IR digital camera.

Milling after UV printing

Offset rubber processing

Offset printing machines use offset rubber, but the size and shape of the rubber depends on the specific printing machine. We can produce offset rubber according to the technical parameters of the machine or in special formats on request. Offset rubber can also be fitted with metal edges exactly as required for your printing press.

Paper conversion

Unwinding paper from reel to reel or from reel to sheet to the required size. We can also convert film or foil from larger rolls to smaller, narrower rolls.

The service is provided by 3 roll-to-roll converters – SAPPHIRE 1830, PERFO2030 and VALMET 2400. All of these machines offer the possibility to convert rolls of different parameters:
Maximum roll width – 2400 mm
Maximum roll weight – 3500 kg
Maximum roll diameter – 1800 mm
Inner core diameter – 76-305 mm
Minimum width of split roll – 100 mm

With this equipment, we can divide the MASTER roll into smaller rolls, tailored to the width and winding of the end user.
With the PERFO2030 we can perforate paper used in sewing workshops.