Double-sided and single-sided adhesive tapes

Our range includes adhesive tapes, protective tapes and marking tapes from the following manufacturers:
3M, Orabond, Orafol, Oramount, Poli-Grip, Polimount, Tesa, Wurth.

Depending on the material you want to glue – glass, plastic, aluminium, steel, copper or wooden structures – we have a wide range of both double-sided and single-sided adhesive tapes tailored specifically to the material you want to glue.

For protecting painted surfaces or wrapping lightweight items, we can help you choose colour protection tapes, for marking special areas we offer multi-coloured marking tapes, and if you want to create 3D effects on greeting cards, badges, shelves for point-of-sale wobblers and more, we offer double-sided adhesive tapes for


Our adhesive tapes can help you in many areas:

  • Fix signs and information boards and information signs.
  • Installation of exhibition stands and advertising structures.
  • For interior decoration of retail shops or offices.
  • For reinforcing general purpose fabrics and upholstery for furniture.
  • Fitting of vehicle seat covers and carpets.
  • For easy attachment of work clothes.
  • Gluing awnings.
  • For marking floors in commercial and industrial premises.
  • Fixing car mirrors in plastic frames.
  • Gluing of various decorative trim elements, caps, wiring.
  • For installation of special devices or in areas where liquids may leak.

From tapes that are resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV rays, chemicals or water, to tapes that peel easily and leave no residue on the surface of the material, we will help you choose the right tape for your needs!