Various materials for interior and view window design

Light-diffusing milky white film, high print quality. Highly resistant to mechanical damage and scratches.

Perforated adhesive tape with black reverse side for window graphics. Suitable for windows, showcases. Hole diameter 1.2mm.

The natural texture and shine of the earring gives a natural look. The material is coated with a special layer that ensures high print quality. For reproductions.

Textile material, similar to Canva but with an adhesive layer. Adhesive – removable. The ideal solution for wall design.

Polyester matt film, 240mk, ultra-smooth surface, light-proof. Designed for various stands.

Polyester matt film, 240mk, with a second grey side with an extra smooth surface. Designed for a variety of stand designs, including roll-up stands.

Rigid polyester film, 340mk, specially designed for popup stands. Excellent print quality.

Cardboard, white on both sides. Designed for both lamination and printing.