Surface preparation and cleaning

GPR is a pH-neutral, almost colourless liquid designed for adhesive/adhesive removal.
Volume: 1L

This adhesive remover is designed to remove adhesive residues left on the surface after removing Controltac™ graphics.
Volume: 1L or 5L

The product is designed to prepare the surface before gluing.
It removes dirt that cannot be cleaned with detergents and degreases and removes static energy
Volume: 5L

The product is designed to treat adhesive tape in areas where it is likely to peel off due to the environment or cleaning.
Do not apply directly to painted surfaces. Recommended use temperature 10° to 38°C
Capacity: 8oz (~240ml)

Primer 94 can be used to reinforce the adhesive effect on surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene.
Volume: 946.3 ml

The graffiti remover is a pH-neutral, almost colourless liquid designed for,
to remove graffiti from 3M™ Scotchguard™ 8991, 8993 and 8995. for series of adhesive tapes
Volume: 1L

Tools for application

Designed for professional use, wear-resistant and robust.
The special structure of the 1080 series can be easily scratched, so it must be handled with care during the gluing process.
We recommend using a high-density felt applicator or 3M™ applicator PA1-G (gold) covered with a friction-reducing wipe.

Protects the graphics from scratches. Can also be used for wet application.

Measures surface temperature – without contact with the surface – just press a button and you can measure temperature even in hard-to-reach places.

392-X – interchangeable needle
Designed to eliminate air bubbles.
Using this tool will not tear the adhesive at the point of the blade, as can happen when using a knife.