PVC Fabrics

PVC fabric, 450g/m². A sturdy and strong banner. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Dtex 1100; 7×7 per cm. Suitable for use down to -30°C.

Laminated PVC fabric, 510g/m². The edges do not curl. Strong and suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

PVC banner 500g/m², with rigid edges. All Ferrarri materials are developed with Precontraint’s patented system. B1; M1. Can be printed on both glossy and matt surfaces.

Thin, flat and strong 270g/m² PVC fabric with a specific structure similar to Canva. Ideal material for display, roll-up etc.. B1, M1.

Perforated PVC material 250g/m², strong and flat, with special coating. Can be printed on both sides. As the material is lightweight and B1, M1 certified – it is ideal for exhibition design.

Banner with adhesive layer, moulded, with removable adhesive, reusable. Gives a very vibrant print, easy to adhere. Ideal for exhibitions and short-term events. B1;M1.