CMYK Colour

Novavit 918 Supreme BIO

High-quality, highly pigmented offset ink that stays fresh in the paint box, dries quickly by absorption into the paper and is based on renewable materials (vegetable oil). Designed for all types of work and commercial printing. The ink can be used on single or multi-colour presses with a plastering unit, as well as for alcohol-free (IPA) printing.

Novaboard C 990 PROTECT BIO

Fast-drying offset ink with high pigmentation and excellent resistance to abrasion, oxidation-drying and based on renewable materials (vegetable oil). For packaging and book manufacturers.


Novavit Easy Mix BIO colour series

Offset colour series consisting of 17 basic colours, black and transparent without pigment (transparent). It has good colour-water balance, fast drying, high gloss. It is vegetable oil based and suitable for single or double-sided printing. The colours in this series are designed for mixing according to the recipes in the PANTONE Color Formula Guide. Read more about colour mixing here

Pantone Pantone bases Pantone Pantone bases
Yellow Purple
Yellow 012 Violet
Orange 021 Process Blue
Warm Red Dark Blue
Red 032 Blue 072
Bright Red Reflex blue
Ruby Red Green
Rhodomine Red Black
Pink Tr. White
Medium Purple
Novaplast series

A very fast-drying offset ink for printing on non-absorbent materials – plastic, metallised paper, etc. The series consists of 14 base colours, transparent and opaque white and black.

Novaflash series

Metallic offset inks. The set consists of 4 gold shades and a silver colour. Ideal for coated gloss paper and board as well as single or double-sided printing.

The series consists of the following colours:
Rich Gold 2305 (PMS 871)
Richpale Gold 2310 (PMS 873)
Pale Gold 2315 (PMS 875)
Metallic Cooper 243 (PMS 876)
Silver 165 (PMS 877)