Cleaning products

Offset plate copy frame glass cleaner.

Removal of calcium deposits.

Concentrated cleaning agent for cleaning the Offset Plates.

Concentrated agent for cleaning the humidification system.

Cleaner for damping rolls and chrome cylinders.

A strong-acting cleaner for offset plates. Suitable for all types of plates.

Offset plate cleaner. Suitable for all types of plates. Activates the plate surface after storage and prevents scratches.

For deep cleaning of post-colour rolls and printing gum.

For deep cleaning of paint rolls and quick colour change in the printing section.

The universal tool for manual cleaning.

For deep cleaning and restoration of offset rubber.

Cleaner for damping rolls and chrome cylinders. Suitable when using UV paints.

Moisturising additives

The most popular wetting additive for sheetfed and rotary offset presses. Supreme is used for water hardness up to 15 °dH. Supreme 250 is used when the water hardness is above 15 °dH. Both concentrates can be used in any type of humidification system. Additive 2-4% for printing with 5-12% IPA.

Universal wetting additive for all types of offset inks (including UV and metallic) and printing materials. Particularly suitable for removing deposits caused by calcium salts on rolls and offset rubber. The additive is 2-4% and is suitable for printing with reduced IPA.

A wetting additive suitable for all types of wetting systems and particularly suitable for CtP plates with sensitive emulsions. Additive 2-4% for printing with 8-12% IPA.

Dampening additive for printing with reduced or no IPA. Suitable for all types of CtP plates. Excellent colour/water balance. Additive 4-5% for printing without IPA and 2-3% for printing with IPA (maximum 5% allowed)


Detergent for paint rolls, offset rubber and plates. Suitable for both automatic washing systems and manual cleaning. It has a high flash point (Class A III), is miscible with water and is approved by all printing press manufacturers. Meets the highest environmental protection requirements.

Strong-acting paint roller and offset rubber cleaner. Can be diluted with water up to 25% to reduce consumption but not reduce effect.

Detergent for UV inkjet equipment. Designed for both automatic and manual washing systems.

A strong-acting detergent for hand washing. Does not evaporate as quickly as other products and restores the offset rubber. Can be diluted with water.

Other chemistry

Water hardener for reverse osmosis water.

Mineral oil lubricant for the idling section of an offset machine. Not for use on EPDM rolls.

Reduces ink tack and sheet adhesion to offset rubber.

Antioxidant. Inhibits paint drying.

Offset plate rubberiser.

Abrasive paste for cleaning hands.

A starch-based anti-caking powder that dissolves in paint.

A starch-based anti-sedimentation powder. Silicone-coated, moisture-resistant.

A bottle with a snout.