Linit glass profile for facade

LINIT glass profile for facade

Linit U glass profile is a profiled glass material popular with architects, which allows them to realise different architectural visions for building facades. Glass can also be successfully used for interior walls in gyms, kindergartens, etc. You can choose from 6 available textures. Sandblasted glass provides privacy but still allows light to pass through.

Profilite can be installed in 8 ways, curved facades or walls.

LINIT U is a profiled glass produced by combining sand, lime, soda ash and other composite glass materials, which are melted in high-temperature furnaces and then shaped until they take the desired form.

LINIT U – glass profiles and LINIT structural aluminium profiles are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. One hundred years of manufacturer experience, continuous product development, innovation and the service of a qualified engineer are successfully translated into modern architectural solutions.

LINIT U – glass profile is used as a unique alternative to traditional glass facades.

The glass profile can be installed up to 7 m long without transverse fixing, depending on the load of the structure, wind, snow, etc.


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • 8 assembly/glazing methods.
  • The glass profile can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • 6 glass textures/surfaces are offered.
  • Option of sandblasting, toughening and/or glazing in the RAL colour of your choice.
  • Aluminium profile systems – 60mm and 83mm widths. With or without thermal bridge.
  • Glass profile thickness: 6mm or 7mm.
  • Glass profile widths: 232mm, 262mm, 331mm and 498mm.
  • The maximum glass length is 7000 mm.
  • Sound insulation Rw,r = 41dB (double glazed).
  • U-value 1.2W/m²K (double glazing with internal fibreglass filling).