Facade aluminium composite panels “Stacbond”

Facades Aluminium Composite Panels “Stacbond”

A multi-layer composite for facades with very high strength, it is rigid and strong, so ACP sheets are stable and maintain flatness very well. It is commonly used for cladding the facades of buildings.

The upper aluminium layer is coated with KYNAR 500″ PVDF paint and the lower aluminium layer is primed.

The ACP panel consists of three main layers:

  • aluminium layer (thickness 0,50 mm)
  • polyethylene or mineral filling
  • aluminium layer (thickness 0.50 mm)

The aluminium top layer is coated with KYNAR 500″ PVDF paint and the aluminium bottom layer is primed.

ALBOND composite panels are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, sunlight, corrosion, fading, scratches and, thanks to their extremely smooth surface, do not attract dust or other dirt. Thanks to their superior sound insulation properties, ALBOND panels are far superior to steel sheets or sheet metal. By milling to a certain depth, the panels can be milled into tiles and ‘cassettes’ can be made by stacking them at different angles.

The aluminium layer, coated with a PVDF-type paint, not only gives the panel the desired long-lasting colour and gloss, but also protects the material from the external environment and acts as a rigidity edge. This plastic and aluminium composite creates a good visual impression and helps to maintain the volumetric shape of the ‘cassette’.
The panels are easy to process: cut with vertical or horizontal machines, drilled or milled with CNC machines.

This product comes with a 20-year warranty.

It is a structural material with a temperature range of – 50ºC to 80ºC.


  • Decorative facade and wall cladding.
  • Reconstruction of buildings.
  • Roof coverings.
  • Manufacture of road signs.
Fixing methods:
  • Rivets.
  • Gluing.
Flammability classes and weights:
  • Ds2d0 (flammable) – 5,6 kg/m2.
  • Bs1d0 (non-flammable – non-flammable) – 7,7 kg/m2.
  • A2s1d0 (completely non-combustible) – 9,3 kg/m2.

Printpack experts recommend: the ideal choice if you want to give your facade a different look, create a glossy or matt metallic image and a wide choice of colours. The most popular and commonly used material in the construction industry has a flammability class Bs1d0.