Shannon HR is a very user-friendly plastic bending machine.It is equipped with one bottom heat bending line, consisting of a profile with a height-adjustable heating wire. The temperature of the heating duct is very precisely controlled electronically via the control unit. The durable heat-resistant work surface has a scratch-resistant top layer.

Available in 4 types:

HR 50

500mm table length

HR 125

1250mm table length

HR 220

2200mm table length

HR 300

3000mm table length


The Shannon HRK series are highly productive plastic sheet benders with both bottom and top heating. The heating profiles can be adjusted to the correct position and the heating ducts are height adjustable.

The HRK series double-sided heating allows faster processing of plastic sheets, but mainly reduces material stress and can process thicker materials and polycarbonate.

Includes mobile frame with wheels.

Available in 2 types:

HRK 65

650mm table length

HRK 125

1250mm table length


Professional acrylic sheet bending machines with heating, consisting of easily adjustable profiles with heating wires.

The heating wires are height-adjustable and the temperature is very precisely controlled via a digital control unit.

The kit comes with a wheeled frame and can be modified and upgraded.

Available in 4 types:

HRT 65

650mm table length

HRT 125

650mm table length

HRT 220

650mm table length

HRT 300

650mm table length

The Shannon X-WIRE is a unique bending machine with crossed heating wires, which allows the machine to perform up to 4 perpendicular bends at the same time. Ideal for making boxes.


Fire polishers

Compact and handy machine for working edges on glass (letters, logos, circles, etc.). For sharp edges and visual defects.