Rollover laminator

The Rollover Flatbed Laminator is made in Norway by Brdr. Hansen AS, a company having more than 20 years experience from manufacturing flexible face signs. Following many years of close monitoring of the sign making industry, the need for a flatbed laminator with better properties trigged the idea of the Rollover Concept. After years of intense product development and testing, the laminator was launched in a small scale in 2011. The response and feedback from users have been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a rapidly growing sale through our expanding nework of distributors. Based on this experience, we see great opportunities in many markets, and plan for an expanding activity on a global scale.

Optimal ergonomic work positions have been the basis for the design. Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand whilst having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling. The patented design with no gliding beam above the roller accomodates in an unobstracted manner all sorts of laminating jobs. We can guarantee that the operator will not miss the climbing and knee-bending… Perfectly flat application without bubbles or creases is obtained in a minimum of time, and waste is minimised. Illuminated glass tabletop and special cutting mat will improve accuracy and control in operation, and also make the Rollover a perfect work place for many other tasks of the trade. The extensive size range will able you to find a Rollover suitable for your needs.

The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. The excellent functionality is powered by the idea of facilitating and streamlining the multiple tasks encountered in the daily work of signmakers. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive foil applications, road signs, glass application, banners etc. up to 90mm in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimum of time. When designing the laminator, great attention has been paid to the solidity of the construction and a high level of craftsmanship.

Model size in cm 140 x 300 170 x 300 140 x 400 170 x 400 140 x 600 170 x 600 140 x 800 170 x 800
Glass bed working area 140 x 300 170 x 300 140 x 400 170 x 400 140 x 600 170 x 600 140 x 800 170 x 800
Working area of roller 140 x 270 170 x 270 140 x 370 170 x 370 140 x 570 170 x 570 140 x 770 170 x 770
Roller diameter in cm 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
Approx. weight in kg 510 660 610 780 940 1200 1080 1300
Illumination, fluorescent tubes 8x58w 10x58w 8x58w + 4x36w 10x58w + 5x36w 16x58w 20x58w 16x58w x 8x36w 20x58w + 10x36w

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