Aluminum and composite panels

Aluminium is used to manufacture a large number of different products in many industries and is a very important metal in the development of the world economy. Structural components made of aluminium are important in the aerospace industry. Aluminium also plays an important role in other areas of transport and construction, where structures need to be lightweight and strong. Aluminium is used in a variety of products such as cans, foils, kitchenware, window frames and beer kegs. Aluminium’s wide range of applications is due to its properties: low density, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, ease of processing; non-toxic. Aluminium is most often used as an alloy, as aluminium itself is not as strong. Alloys with copper, manganese, magnesium and silicon are light and durable. Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity and is often used in power lines.

Aluminium alloy AW1050 has high corrosion resistance, high flexibility, high thermal and electrical conductivity and low mechanical resistance. This alloy is particularly suitable for bending.

Various aluminium profiles, tubes, square tubes available.

Aluminium alloy AW5754 is seawater resistant, high corrosion resistant and suitable for welding.