POLY Ultra Clear 60mk laminate

POLY Ultra Clear 60mk laminate

Highly transparent 60 mk polymer lamination film with an ultra-clear solvent-based adhesive.

Recommended for long-term protection of OneWayPro® microperforated films. Lamination provides protection against dust, dirt, water and UV light and ensures that the holes in the microperforated film are not blocked and that the microperforated film remains transparent.

Roll dimensions: 1,35 x 50; 1,50 x 50; cutting pitch 5 tm

Price 3,85 EUR/m2 + VAT;

Price for introductions only 3,65 eur/m2+VAT


When laminating on prints, inks must be completely dry and must not contain silicone. It is advisable to wait 24 hours after printing.


When laminating, make sure that the microperforation and lamination tensions are the same.

In no case should OneWayPro® POLY 060 Ultraclear laminating film be applied with application liquid or water.

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