Turning / Milling

“PrintPack Service” Your trusted
partner in the manufacture of parts
quality and punctuality.

Printpack Service’s engineering team has developed unique and innovative ways to take full advantage of CNC machining technology and developed excellent metal and plastic part manufacturing skills. Our determination, focus on delivering excellent results and craftsmanship make us a trusted partner. Our CNC machines and skills help us to deliver precision, faster turnaround times and take on more diverse projects.

CNC machines:

  • Doosan LYNX 2100 LSY turning/milling centre (5 axis)

Materials: plastic, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, etc.
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 300 mm (diameter) x 510 mm (length)
Operations: turning and milling

  • Mecanumeric Pro 4020 milling machine (3 axis)

Materials: plastics, aluminium, composites.
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 4020 mm x 2000 mm x 150 mm
Operations: milling

  • Elitron Combo SD+ milling machine (3 axes)

Materials: plastics, composites.
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 3100 mm x 2100 mm x 50 mm
Operations: milling

Quality control:

In our CNC workshop, quality is our number one priority. Qualified staff combined with state-of-the-art technology ensure strict quality control standards and ensure that every part we produce meets the highest quality standards.


We understand the importance of on-time delivery. Predictability and punctuality, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently, is our mission. You can count on us.

Supplies at your fingertips:

To reduce your project lead times, we always have a wide range of materials in stock, ready to process.