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SolutionsColorCut FB8000

In conjunction with ColorCut Pro3 software, the FB8000’s firmware has been re-engineered with intelligent cutting algorithms to deliver a truly outstanding performance. This makes the new generation Intec FB8000PRO up to 40% faster than its predecessor.

The advanced ASF8000 auto sheet feeder delivers precise media handling for a perfectly synchronised, high speed, digital die cutting system.

The ASF8000 auto sheet feeder enables users to stack up to 25kg (2,000) of printed media, which is loaded on to the cutting mat using a pneumatic feed system with vacuum pick up fingers and a sophisticated airblade system, to virtually eliminate misfeeds.

The FB8000 cutter receives the auto fed sheets onto its cutting mat and uses a high resolution CCD camera to scan registration marks and also read QR codes to identify and automatically retrieve the appropriate cutting file from the ColorCut Pro’s remote job library. The FB8000 can cut and crease a single sheet through a set number of copies to the entire media stack in the feeder. Even coping with a mixed batch of different jobs, each cut accurately, efficiently and reliably. View brochure or watch a short video here of the FB8000 Generation 2 in action.

Key product points at a glance

  • Auto sheet feeding flatbed cutting system
  • Digital die cutter for on-demand cutting
  • Dual tool head for cutting, creasing, scoring and perforation – with up to 1kg force
  • Auto sheet feeding for high productivity
  • High-capacity stacker accepts up to 25kg (2,000 sheets) of printed media
  • Pneumatic suction media pick up
  • High-speed synchronised feeding
  • Continuous belt cutting table
  • Driven by ColorCut Pro software
  • QR coded Job Library for file retrieval
  • Optical camera for accurate registration
  • Mixed jobs can be loaded and cut
  • Optional ColorCut Pro Server Station



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