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Digital Direct to Garment Printers

 Aeoon Kyo

Aeoon Kyo Series

The Aeoon Kyo Series provides digital textile production on an industrial scale.
With our direct to garment printer it is possible to stay ahead of the technological
curve in the garment decoration market. Digital dtg printing was once used for
low volume or novelty production, but thanks to our new technology and the
impressive speed of up to 1280 prints per hour (A4 size, 1 pass, depends on
how fast your operator can load the machine), it can now become the industrial
production method for garment decoration. High resolution printing, beginning
with a native 600 dpi resolution, enables new design possibilities.

Massive Output

Up to now, the Kyo Series is the fastest dtg printer in it‘s market segment with an
output of up to 1280 t-shirts per hour (A4 printing size). This is obtained by using up to
twelve print heads with 2558 nozzles with a native 600 dpi resolution and a fire speed
of up to 40,000 ink drops per second in four different drop sizes.


We build the printer that fits your business. The Aeoon Kyo series not only enables
you to react to the demands of your customers flexibly, it also has the unique ability
to grow with your business. We designed our printer modularly, which means you can
upgrade and add features such as additional print heads for higher speed or custom
pallets for new areas of application.

 Aeoon Compact

Aeoon Compact Series – Small, but powerful!

The Aeoon Kyo Compact Series is our latest addition to our range of digital direct
to garment textile printers. We made the effort to listen to the needs of our
customers with limited space and designed a completely new machine that lives
up to their requirements. The Aeoon Compact Series is smaller and elegant, yet
equally durable as our well-known Aeoon Kyo Series. Therefore, it is perfect for
businesses with limited space availability.
But even though we reduced the size, we did not want to lower our aspirations in
terms of speed and output. The Aeoon Kyo Compact Series can reach printing
speeds of up to 950 prints per hour (A4 print size, 1 pass, depending on how
fast the operator can load the machine).

Flexible machine configurations

The Aeoon Compact Series is available with four or eight print heads that can be
configured according to your needs. The version with four printheads can print in CMYK
on light and white garments. The version with eight print heads can either print with
twice the CMYK heads on light and white garments or in CMYK and white on every
color, including dark and black garments. Pallets are available in various sizes and for
different applications.

Speed and vibrant colors

Our colors are optimized for an industrial scale textile production and fulfill the
highest quality demands on color brightness and washability. Our pigment inks are
available in colors and white. They meet environmental standards and received the
Oeko-Tex and GOTS (Global Standards) certifications. PS: We also offer other inks for
special applications, for example reactive or UV inks. Contact us for more information.

 Aeoon PTB

Aeoon PTB Series

Highspeed pretreatment solution for industrial mass production.With our maximum belt speed of up to ten meters per minute you are able to
pretreat about 930 t-shirt per hour. And the best thing: Applying the pretreatment
before printing does not slow down your printer either.

Change between fluids

For a rapid workflow, the PTB can switch between the fluids automatically.
As an example, this feature gives you the possibility to quickly
change between pretreatment for light and dark garments.

Save costs

You can individually choose nozzles and set the dimensions of the
area you want to pretreat. A laser system will automatically detect the
correct spraying area on the garment.

 Aeoon Flatbed

Aeoon Flatbed Series

Highspeed large format vacuum flatbed printer for industrial use.
With the Aeoon Flatbed Series, we are able to push the boundaries of conventional
printing sizes. It is available in four different large formats with a stunning
print table size of up to 4200 x 3750 mm.
Additionally, we equipped our flatbed with useful features like:
• Flexible and modular configuration options to fit your business
• Automatic detection of objects
• Vacuum tables to secure objects for printing
• Highest security standards
• Different ink and curing options for printing on many different flat materials
• Electrical conncections: 3 x 220/400V (current differs between models and
final size), Air connections: max. air consumption, 500l/min. Please contact
us for more information.

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